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Dr. Martin strives to treat every patient like family from the moment they step into our practice. Our staff is welcoming and works hard to make sure that your scheduling, financial planning, procedure, and recovery all go as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Roseville, CA, is the largest city in Placer County and has so much to do and see, such as Folsom Lake, Roseville Golfland Sunsplash, Beals Point, and Maidu Museum & Historic Site. We knew that Roseville would be the perfect place for our office because of its wonderful community.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular and widely used solution for one or more missing teeth. With a dental implant, you can enjoy all types of food and don’t need to worry about removing them to keep them clean, like traditional dentures. In fact, dental implants are indistinguishable from natural teeth and are permanently affixed to your jaw bone, so they can last for many years with proper oral care. Dr. Martin will discuss the wide variety of dental implant options that we offer during your consultation and determine which treatment is best for you and your smile.

Wisdom Teeth

We recommend removing wisdom teeth early because there is often not enough room for them in the mouth when they try to emerge. When a tooth cannot properly emerge, it is considered to be impacted and begins growing towards your healthy molars. This leads to a number of other complications such as infection, pain, cysts, dental shifting, and more. To avoid these issues, Dr. Martin can remove your or your child’s wisdom teeth before problems can arise. Wisdom teeth are removed during the mid to late teen years but can be removed at any age to maintain a healthy mouth and smile.

Other Oral Surgery Services in Roseville, CA

Our other services include:

  • Dr. Martin and his highly qualified team of specialists work hard to provide you and your loved ones with the best possible care. We want you to feel like family, and family takes care of one another with compassion and dedication. To do this, we offer a large number of services to our patients so that they can receive the treatment that they need from professionals they can trust.

Surrounding Cities/Neighborhoods

Daniel A. Martin, DMD, and his team are happy to provide exceptional oral and maxillofacial care to patients in Roseville and the following areas:

  • Roseville
  • Blue Oaks
  • Quail Glen
  • Rocklin
  • Granite Bay