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During exposure and luxation, an unerupted tooth stuck in the jaw bone gets uncovered and minimally moved, if necessary, to help it straighten out and erupt normally.

Sometimes, a molar is trapped beneath the gums from bone or tissue and has a minimal chance of erupting on its own. Often, this trapped molar is set at a forward angle next to the tooth in front of it. This is a common occurrence to the second molars in the lower jaw.

Exposure with luxation is a common procedure to help the trapped molar erupt into its proper place. During this procedure, the molar is exposed through the gums and gently placed on a better eruption path. Many times, a wisdom tooth is stuck behind the tooth and will be removed at the same time.

Exposure and luxation provide the trapped molar with the greatest opportunity to erupt into the mouth properly. A tooth that is more vertical to begin with provides the best chance for success from the exposure and luxation procedure.

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