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Meet Kimberly, Our Third Smile Again Recipient!

We are thrilled to introduce Kimberly Carreno as the recipient of the Smile Again 2023 program at Placer Oral Implant & Dental Surgeries.

Kimberly's journey has been marked by incredible resilience and determination. After overcoming significant life challenges, including being a single mother and battling addiction, Kimberly has emerged as an inspiring force for positive change.

In her own words: "Restoring my smile would help make me feel whole again. I have faced numerous barriers but continue pushing forward. Having a restored smile would allow me to share joyful moments in photos with my family, boosting my confidence and self-esteem. It's a chance to regain my life."

Kimberly's path has been marked by hardship, from being the primary caregiver to her son with Cerebral Palsy, to experiencing homelessness and grappling with health issues. Despite these challenges, she has emerged as a graduate with honors in Social Work, working tirelessly to help others.

Kimberly's resilience and positive outlook on life make her an outstanding candidate for the Smile Again program. We are proud to give Kimberly the radiant smile she deserves. We look forward to supporting Kimberly on this transformative journey and empowering her to live life to the fullest.

Stay tuned for updates on Kimberly's Smile Again journey and join us in celebrating this remarkable transformation!

Kimberly Carreno Kimberly Carreno Kimberly Carreno

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