PRGF (Endoret) Technique

PRGF stands for Plasma Rich in Growth Factors. Endoret is the trade name of the technique to obtain and concentrate these growth factors.

When we suffer any injury, the human body releases many proteins (growth factors) to stimulate the process of repairing the injury. These growth factors are already in your blood. The PRGF- (Endoret) Technique isolates these proteins, which are responsible for wound healing and tissue regeneration, from the blood plasma. We can concentrate these factors by separating them out and adding to a surgical site in concentrations much higher than your body would naturally add. Once a therapeutic dose is applied to the treatment area, the repair process is enhanced and accelerated.

To carry out this process, it is necessary to draw a small amount of blood (20-40ml) from the patient. From this blood  the Plasma Rich in Growth Factors is obtained through a centrifuge process. The plasma that has these concentrated factors is now applied where healing or regeneration of tissue and bone is needed.

PRGF- (Endoret) is scientifically backed as to its effectiveness and safety. It is being used in many fields of medicine (oral and maxillofacial surgery, traumatology, burns, plastic surgery and general surgery).

With the PRGF (Endoret) technique, we see the following advantages:

  • regeneration of bone in post extraction sockets
  • regeneration of bone around dental implants
  • regeneration of bone in bony defects
  • quicker soft tissue healing
  • quicker recovery
  • less painful recovery
  • decreased risk of infection after surgery
  • Totally autologous ( no Bovine Thrombin added as in other growth factor techniques like PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma).