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3D Scanning

Three-dimensional scanning, also known as 3D scanning, takes high-resolution images of your teeth and jaws. Because 3D scanning provides valuable information about your oral health and anatomy, it helps reduce the risk of surprise during a surgical procedure.

3D scanning allows your oral surgeon to view your teeth and jaws from every angle. This is important because these high-resolution images inform your oral surgeon of your unique anatomy and condition, allowing them to tailor their treatment plan just for you. Most patients receive 3D scanning at their first visit to our Roseville, CA, office.

3D Scanning Benefits

3D scanning is extremely useful because it provides your oral surgeon with more information than traditional X-rays and helps your oral surgeon with their surgical treatment plan, such as dental implant placement.

Benefits of 3D scanning include

3D Scans

Placer Oral & Dental Implant Surgery is dedicated to providing their patients with exceptional care. To improve oral health outcomes and create the best possible experience, we utilize 3D scanning technology in our Roseville, CA, office. You can learn more about 3D scanning and the other oral surgery services we offer by contacting our office.